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Hot Tub Chemicals - What are my options?

Hot Tub Chemical options and alternatives

There are many wonderful benefits of using a hot tub, through the combination of heat, buoyancy, and massage the relaxation is wonderful! But who likes getting out of their hot tub smelling like stinky chlorine and feeling like you need to go take a shower? Or watching your bathing suit fade because of the hot tub chemicals you are exposing it to?

Smelly Hot Tub - Clothespin on nose

What do we look for when we are talking to our customers and trying to find the best system to recommend?

We recommend an auto dosing system.

Autodosing Chemical System Makes Life Easy

    1. This means that you do not have to go out to your Hot Tub every day and do something.
    2. We are all busy and the less maintenance you have to do the better!
    3. The most common example of an auto dosing system is a self-regulating floating dispenser.

We only recommend CDC approved sanitizers.

    1. There are a lot of "enzymes" or "chemical-free" hot tubs.
    2. Let's face it, the stakes are high, if you do not keep your hot tup sanitary you and your family can get extremely sick.
    3. Nasty diseases like Legionnaires Disease are very real and not something to play with. 
    4. Thankfully there are several really good options where you do not have to worry about getting yourself, friends or family sick.

We recommend Hot Tub Chemicals that use sanitizers that can be at such low levels that they are almost undetectable.

    1. This results in a very enjoyable soaking experience
    2. Almost no smell while soaking.
    3. Getting out feeling clean and refreshed, with no urge that you need to go take a shower.

Here at the Hot Tub Club we have three main Hot Tub Chemicals systems that we recommend. Starting with our favorite:

@ease by King Technologies

@ease Spa Frog Logo

There are a lot of reasons for this, but it absolutely meets requirements we laid out above. This is a floating 2 part system. The floater has two halves of a ball. The top half is blue and contains a mineral cartridge that helps sanitize the spa. This cartridge lasts about 4 months. The bottom half is silver and contains King's patented SmartChlor technology. You replace this once per month or as needed. The floater flips upside down when the silver SmartChlor cartridge is ready to be replaced. You only use shock when starting and once per month. This product is amazing and absolutely what we recommend to all our family and friends!

Spa Frog Floater

Spa Frog Floater Logo

This also meets our above-outlined requirements. It also uses a mineral cartridge which is wonderful for reducing the demand of the sanitizer. The sanitizer in this system is bromine instead of the SmartChlor which we don't feel is quite a good. You will notice a little more and different smell. It is also an auto dosing floater. You will need to change the bromine (yellow) cartridge every month and replace the mineral (blue) cartridge every 4 months.


What about alternatives to Bromine and Chlorine? Are there other options?


    BaquaSpa Chlorine Free Hot Tub Logo

    BaquaSpa is an EPA approved sanitizer. Completely Chlorine/Bromine Free, it is perfect for people that have extremely sensitive skin. It does require a little more maintenance than the first two systems we listed, but for those that are very health conscious, it is a great choice. No smell, no chlorine, no bromine, get out feeling clean and refreshed.

      Well, that is our opinion on the best Hot Tub Chemicals for you to use in your spa. Tell us in the comments below what you use and why, or ask us questions!

      Than's for reading - Hot Tub Club Logo

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