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Hot Tub Hacks - 21 Genius Spa Care Tips

Simplify and streamline your spa maintenance with our top tips for hot tub care. 

1. Help your hot tub heat up faster

Getting impatient and want to use your newly filled hot tub ASAP? Here are a few tips to help the heating process go by a little quicker. Use a thermal spa blanket to help hold in heat. Turn on the jets and keep the cover closed while you wait for it to heat up. If possible, fill with warm water. Picking a warmer day to do your draining, cleaning, and refilling will also help things warm up faster than on a cold day.

2. Drain and refill with the seasons

Stay on top of regular spa water changes by timing the draining, cleaning, and refilling your hot tub with the changing of the seasons. It is recommended to change the water in your spa every 3 months, so this way you will always know when your hot tub is ready for a change.

3. Use a hose filter

When filling the hot tub, attach a hose filter to your hose so you can start out with the cleanest water possible.

Hose filter for hot tub

4. Use a scum absorber

Keeping a floating scum absorber will help absorb the body oils, suntan oils, grime, slime, and scum in the water to help keep your hot tub clean. This will help prevent scum build-up on the waterline, cloudy water, and clogged filters. We recommend the ScumBoat.

Spa oil and scum absorber ScumBoat

5. Use a timer when refilling

Make a note of the time it takes to fill your hot tub. Then next time you are refilling, set a timer to ensure you don’t forget and accidentally over-fill the hot tub.

Refilling the hot tub

6. Adjust alkalinity first

Alkalinity plays a critical role in keeping pH levels stable. When testing and balancing your spa water, adjust alkalinity first, then follow that up with pH, and then shock/sanitizers last.

7. Not all chemicals are created equal

Even if the active ingredients are the same, some less expensive spa products can include fillers or inferior ingredients. Protect your investment by using high quality chemicals. There are lots of great spa chemical brands available, but we personally love SpaGuard.

SpaGuard hot tub chemicals and supplies

8. Keep an extra filter on hand

When it is time to clean your filter, if you have an extra you can swap it out for a clean filter while you clean the old one so you won’t have to wait to use your hot tub again. 

9. Test for ph before turning on the hot tub jets

When testing for pH, make sure the jets have been off for at least 2 hours. The jets can artificially increase pH readings. This will ensure a more accurate test reading.

Pool and spa test strips

10. Prevent hot tub foam before it starts

Having issues with foaming water when you turn your jets on? Things like detergents in swimsuits and oils or lotions on skin can cause foaming to occur. Rinsing your swimsuits and showering (with water only) before entering spa can help keep your hot tub clean and can prevent foam from forming. If foam does start to form, use an anti-foam product to quickly stop the foaming.

Anti-foam reducer foaming in spa water

11. Don’t use pool chemicals in spa

Pool and hot hub chemicals may appear similar but can have different concentrations, formulations, or additives. Pool chemicals are designed for larger volumes of water with lower temps which can affect how these chemicals react in spa water. Using pool chemicals can also be damaging to your spa equipment. It’s best to stick with chemicals designed specifically for use in hot tubs.

12. Stay warm on the way to the hot tub

When it’s cold outside, throw your towel or a robe in the dryer for a few minutes prior to going outside. This will help keep you warm & cozy while you venture out into freezing temps on your way to the hot tub.

13. Check for water clarity

If you're having trouble telling if your hot tub water is clear, fill a clear glass with your spa water and hold it up to the light to better see the water clarity. Compare to a glass of clean water if needed.

14. Schedule maintenance reminders

Use a task reminder app on your phone or computer to remind you when it is time to do regular hot tub maintenance.

15. Use the right cleaning chemicals

Never use household cleaners to clean your hot tub or filter. Use products that are specifically designed to safely clean your hot tub shell, filter, and cover that won't damage the hot tub surfaces or equipment and won't affect the water balance.

Pool and hot tub cleaner

16. Keep a consistent temp

If you are using your hot tub regularly, keep your hot tub temperature consistent. As long as your hot tub is well insulated and covered, it actually costs less to keep your spa temperature consistent than it does to heat up cooler water. Turn the temp down or put your spa in eco mode if you will be on vacation or not using the hot tub for a prolonged period of time.

17. When in doubt, drain and refill

Are you are having trouble fixing cloudy, foamy, smelly, or unbalanced water? If everything you’ve tried isn’t fixing the issue, maybe it’s just time for a fresh start. Rather than dumping more chemicals and time into trying to fix it, sometimes the best thing to do is just drain it and refill. 

18. Summer hot tub tip

Think it’s too hot to use your hot tub on a summer day? Why not just turn down the heater and take a dip to cool off? Or relax on a floating raft while you read a good book!

Pool float toys

19. Have a hot tub movie night

Set up a laptop or tablet out on the table and find a good movie to stream while you soak! Just make sure you turn the heat down a bit so you don't cook yourself. 

20. Use a filter sock

A filter sock can help block debris like seeds, leaves, hair, etc from getting into your filter. Once it fills up with gunk simply throw it away and replace it with a new one. 

21. Leave the cover off for a while after adding chemicals

Once you've added the chemicals to balance the spa water, leave the cover open for 20-30 minutes to let the chemicals dissipate a bit. This will help extend the life of your cover.

Hot tub cover

Do you have any tips that you use for your hot tub? Comment them below!

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