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Hot Tub Care Troubleshooting Guide

Hot tub spa troubleshooting for common water problems

Troubleshooting water balance issues is an important part of hot tub care & maintenance. Sometimes you may find the spa water to be cloudy or hazy. Somedays the water may be discolored or you will notice staining on surfaces. What if the pH or alkalinity levels are too high? Is there an unpleasant odor in the water? This handy chart will help guide you through the steps to remedy common hot tub water chemistry issues to help get your spa back to clean and safe levels in no time! 

Troubleshooting for common hot tub water issues

Problem: Cloudy or hazy water

Solution: Test & balance water. Make sure sanitizer levels are at recommended levels, Add shock, Use a Water Clarifier to help remove particles, Clean filter. 


Problem: Foaming hot tub water

Solution: Use Anti Foam product to remove foam quickly. Balance water, Add shock, Use Water Clarifier, Clean filter. Prevent foam by keeping detergents, hair/skin products, & oil from getting into spa by showering and rinsing swim wear prior to entering hot tub. 


Problem: Excessive or unpleasant odor

Solution: Make sure sanitizer levels are correct, Add shock, Add Water Freshener, Have water sample tested to help find cause and solutions


Problem: Scum buildup on the waterline

Solution: Add Spa Enzyme to break down contaminants and oils, Add Stain & Scale Control to remove scale build up, Clean waterline, Use Scum Absorber, Clean filter.


Problem: Oil and scum in the water

Solution: Clean the waterline, use a floating Scum Absorber to absorb oils and grime, Add Spa Enzyme. Help prevent oil & scum by showering prior to entering hot tub.  


Problem: Discolored water or surface staining

Solution: Add Stain & Scale Control to remove metals and stains, Use Spa Surface Cleaner to remove stains on hot tub surfaces, Have your water tested.


Problem: Scale

Solution: Add Stain & Scale Control, wipe down surface near waterline, Test & balance water


Problem: Eye or skin irritation

Solution: Test water and make sure pH and sanitizer are in the correct range

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