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Hot Tub Weekly Maintenance Checklist

Regular hot tub cleaning and maintenance is essential to keeping your spa water sparkling clean and the equipment in proper working order. We've created this handy step-by-step guide to help you keep track of all the steps involved in balancing, cleaning, and maintaining your hot tub. Printable version available here.

Hot tub weekly maintenance checklist

Step-By-Step Weekly Spa Care Maintenance Checklist

Step 1: Test water at least 2-3 times weekly. Use test strips or a test kit to check the current levels of alkalinity, pH, calcium, and sanitizer. This information will help you know what chemicals and steps to take to correctly balance the water in your spa.

Spa water test strips


Step 2: Balance Alkalinity, pH, & Calcium Hardness if needed. Adjust alkalinity first. Alkalinity plays a critical role in keeping pH levels stable. Adjust alkalinity first, then pH, and then shock/sanitizers last. 

Hot tub ph alkalinity balancing chemicals


Step 3: Add sanitizer as needed to maintain proper level. Chlorine: 3-5 PPM or Bromine: 2-6 PPM. If you are not sure which sanitizer to use in your hot tub, read our Chlorine vs. Bromine sanitizer guide.

Hot tub chlorine concentrate SpaGuard


Step 4: Shock hot tub once a week. Shock will help keep the water clear and help reduce odors.

SpaGuard Enahanced Shock for hot tub spas


Step 5: Address any water issues such as foaming, cloudy water, or unpleasant odor. See our Hot Tub Troubleshooting Guide for instructions on fixing common spa water issues.

Step 6: Remove any debris or dirt with a skimmer or a spa vacuum. Clean waterline to remove any buildup. If using just a clean rag isn't enough, there are special hot tub cleaners that can help remove buildup without affecting the water balance.

Hot tub skimmer and vacuum to clean debris


Step 7: Check filter and clean with hose if needed. Chemically clean filter once a month. Replace filter annually.

Hot tub filter cleaner


Step 8: Check water level and adjust as needed. We recommend using a hose filter to fill with the cleanest water possible.

Fill up hot tub water level


Step 9: Wipe down hot tub cover and make sure that it is properly secured.

Step 10: Take inventory of supplies and re-order any you are running low on.

Hot tub supplies chemicals

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