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How To Clear Up A Cloudy Pool Fast

Are you struggling with cloudy or hazy water in your swimming pool? First of all, what causes a cloudy pool? There can be a number of reasons. Common causes of cloudy water can be:

  • Imbalanced chemicals, alkalinity, calcium, or pH
  • Dirty or clogged filter
  • Environmental debris such as pollen, dirt, leaves, rain water, etc.

So, how do you actually clear up that cloudy water?

How to clear up cloudy swimming pool water

Products needed: 

Cloudy pool fast fix kit for swimming pool water

Cloudy water treatment steps:

1. Test pool water with test strips or test kit. Make sure sanitizer, alkalinity, pH, calcium hardness levels are in the recommended levels. Add product and santizer as needed to bring water balance to correct level.

2. Add BioGuard Pool Juice 911 Instant Water Rescue to swimming pool water.  (Use chart below for correct dosage amount for your pool size.)

3. Add BioGuard Sparkle Up Filter Aid directly into the skimmer according to label instructions for your filter type and size.

4. Brush pool sides and surfaces to remove any buildup, algae, or debris. Remove any leaves or other debris with net from water surface.

5. Clean or backwash filter when pressure goes up 8PSI or more above clean filter starting pressure.

Cloudy water treatment chemical dosage chart

Clear up cloudy pool water fast-fix troubleshooting kit

Swimming pool cloudy or hazy water treatment steps by step instructions

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