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Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean With These Useful Tips

Swimming pool chemicals

If you want to get the most out of your pool, you have to know how to keep it clean using the proper methods and products. With a bit of diligence, pool chlorine tablets, and regular maintenance, you can keep your swimming pool clean and functional throughout the year.

What’s important to note about swimming pools is that in order to get the most out of them, you have to put in a little work and educate yourself on how to properly take care of them. You might think, “how much could there really be to taking care of a standing body of water in my backyard?” The truth is that these bodies of water offer the perfect conditions for a wide array of bacteria and germs to take up residence, which can not only pose a health risk to you and your family, but can even damage the integrity of the pool itself. 

This guide will help inform you on all of the most important aspects of pool care and maintenance, and why it’s essential that you stay stocked up with the right high-quality pool maintenance products such as chlorine, shock, pH balancer, etc in order to keep everything clean and balanced. This way, you never have to worry about unwelcome guests finding a home in your backyard!

Why Keeping Your Swimming Pool Clean is a Must

Although it may sound like just another pointless home maintenance task, your pool isn’t going to take care of itself, no matter how fancy it is. If you intend on taking a relaxing dip in the pool on your days off or having a reliable spot for your kids to swim and play throughout the summer months, you need to make sure you have a proper maintenance routine in place and that you have all of the right pool cleaning supplies on hand.

Pool care supplies and chemicals

You might scoff at the idea that a dirty pool is dangerous, but it does pose serious risks and can also become downright disgusting if you aren’t cleaning it properly. Just because you may enjoy swimming in lakes during camping trips, for instance, doesn’t mean you should let your pool become a swamp. Without any natural way for your pool to regulate itself as a body of water would in nature, there’s nothing stopping any random critter or algae from taking root.

No matter what kind of swimming pool you have, even if it’s an indoor pool, using the right cleaning products on it is mandatory. There’s no getting around the fact that standing bodies of water are literal breeding grounds for a wide assortment of unmentionables. Here is just the shortlist of unwelcome and unwanted creatures that may decide your pool is their new home if you don’t take care of it properly:

  • Common black algae. While not dangerous, it is unsightly and is an indication that the pool’s pH levels are too high or that there is a lack of chlorine or other cleaning chemicals.
  • White water mold. Another unsightly and unwelcome guest that, while not necessarily dangerous to humans, can be difficult to get rid of once it forms and is disgusting to look at.
  • A litany of different bacteria and viruses, including E. coli, norovirus, and Giardia. Some of these bacteria come with various symptoms that can range from inconvenient to deadly.
  • Green algae, which is not dangerous but is food for many species of bacteria and insects.
  • Mosquitos, which use standing bodies of water like derelict pools to breed in.
  • Other insects like midges and mayflies also breed in such conditions.

A dirty pool can quickly become a dangerous cocktail of molds, algae, and bacteria that can seriously detract from your pool’s usability factor. You may not want to go near it, in fact, once you take a look at it. Creating a regular maintenance schedule and using high-quality shocking and sanitizing chemicals is simply an unavoidable part of owning a pool that you have to stay on top of.

One of the most common ways pools are kept clean is through the use of chlorine. The smell of chlorine is unmistakable and permeates the air around most pools, to such a degree that is could be considered one of the “smells of summer.” While it may not be the most pleasant scent in the world, chlorine products are vital in the regular maintenance and safety of your pool and need to be utilized properly if you want to make sure your pool stays perfectly usable at all times.

Understanding The Purpose of Pool Chlorine

BioGuard swimming pool chlorineChlorine is administered in a variety of ways: tablets, granules, and sticks. If you want to keep your swimming pool clean, chlorine is one of the most reliable and affordable methods. You might be new to pool maintenance and are not entirely aware of why this chemical is so effective, so here’s a little insight.

Chlorine is actually a naturally occurring chemical that has innate disinfectant and antibacterial properties because it damages the chemical bonds in the molecules of microbes. This means that chlorine in general can be lethal, but in controlled dosages it is safe for us while harmful for bacteria.

When administered into the water of a pool, you can regulate what is able to form there, because the presence of chlorine will deter microbial growth. This makes it quite effective for all different kinds of manmade bodies of water, including indoor and outdoor pools, as well as hot tubs.

It’s important that you continuously look after your pool by applying the right amount of chlorine, because over time the effects will deteriorate and you will need to use more. Regulating the cleanliness of your pool isn’t a one-time thing, which is why some sanitizing methods include the use of floating devices that sit on top of the water and administer chlorine over time. Whichever method you use, it’s clear that this chemical is an important part of the pool-maintenance process because it is effective at what it does.

Using The Right Pool-Cleaning Products

Pool cleaning products and supplies

Not just any kind of sanitizing product should be used to keep your swimming pool clean however. You not only want a chlorine product that is effective, you also want to use one that is simple to administer as well. What you want to avoid is getting into a situation where you don’t feel like cleaning your pool because it’s too arduous of a task.

One of the joys of summer is being able to jump into your pool at a moment’s notice whenever you want without having to think twice about whether or not it has been properly cleaned. One of the ways you ensure that this is the case is through a regular pool cleaning schedule that you can develop or set for yourself.

Using chlorine in your pool to sanitize it is only one part of regular pool maintenance. You also have to consider the way in which you balance the pH levels. This requires regular testing to ensure that the pH levels are correct, and adding the proper balancing product into the water as well if there are any corrections that need to be made. The pH of your pool is just as important as the levels of cleaning chemicals, and the two systems are actually closely related. Too much chlorine in your water can raise the pH, which can create other problems for your pool, such as corrosion on certain parts.

The key to being able to enjoy your pool and get the most out of it is to make sure it is always clean and well taken care of. This means regularly applying the right high-quality cleaning products such as pool chlorine tablets, which are easy to use and won’t really interrupt your day all that much in case you are busy. With easy to use products like this, there’s really no reason not to keep your pool clean and properly maintained.

Each variety of tablet is administered somewhat differently, so depending on which product you select, simply follow the directions to the letter and you will be fine. For instance, our BioGuard Basic Chlorinating 3" Tablet that we feature here in our store shouldn’t be used in your skimmer. This is one example, but in general, as long as you follow the instructions per each individual sanitizing product, you will be able to easily clean your pool. You can also contact us here at Hot Tub Club if you have any questions about pool maintenance or regarding the use of one of our high-quality products.

The Benefits of Pool Chlorine Tablets

Keeping the bacteria, molds, and other critters at bay is easy with the right products. Pool chlorine tablets offer an easy and intuitive way to sanitize your pool and ensure that you can hop in any time without fear of picking up any diseases.

A pool is an investment, both in terms of time and money. While it is certainly an enhancement for your home that the whole family can enjoy and get a ton of use out of, it does come with a fair share of new chores in order to make sure it is running optimally. The wrost thing you could do for your pool is to forget to clean it properly, because if you let your pool slide long enough it may need to be shocked, which can drastically change the pH levels, requiring further products to stabilize everything.

For best results, take a look through our selection of pool cleaning products here in our store and find one that best suits your needs. You simply want to make sure that you always have the right products on hand at your home, that way you can continuously maintain the integrity and cleanliness of your pool without a second thought.

The truth is that even a slightly neglected pool can quickly become an algae and bacteria hot spot. If you notice a green film on the surface of the pool or anything else that would indicate that it needs to be cleaned, you need to act as fast as possible. The more you neglect your pool, the more products that will be needed in order to get it back into a safe and usable state.

In case this has already happened and your pool could use some serious pool shock, we have all of the products you need here in our store to help you do just that. No matter what your specific needs are for keeping your swimming pool in top shape, you’re going to find it all in our online store.

Pool maintenance chemicals and supplies

The benefits of using these chlorine tablets are many, and include safe and reliable sanitation, affordability, and ease of use, which can be important if you have a busy lifestyle. Cleaning your pool shouldn’t be difficult or expensive, and this is something we here at Hot Tub Club firmly believe. This is why you will find an amazing variety of high-quality products that you can order online and have delivered right to your home, for proper pool maintenance whenever you need it. All of our products are created to help you get the most out of your pool, no matter how dirty it may be.

When your swimming pool is clean, you can feel comfortable and confident every time you and your family use it. The last thing you want is to question whether or not your own pool is clean enough for regular use. When you’re laying back on your inflatable raft, feeling the warm sunshine on your skin, you want to forget all your cares and just have fun, not wonder about whether or not you need to shock your pool. Make sure you are always equipped with the right pool cleaning products by shopping online here at LeisureQuip. You can always rely on our selection of effective products, our dedication to customer service, and our fast shipping. Become the scourge of pool algae and bacteria with the high-quality chlorine products and other pool cleaning items you will find here at LeisureQuip

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