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Maintaining Your Hot Tub Using Hot Tub Chlorine Tablets

For a relaxing, spa-like outdoor addition to your home, a hot tub could be a comfortable choice for you. Not only are they an inviting addition to entertain yourself and your guests, they also have a number of wonderful benefits as well.

Hot tubs can be an excellent resource for your wellness-related needs. If you are looking to relieve aches and pains in your muscles and joints, a hot tub soak can be useful. The practice of immersing yourself in hot water has also been used to treat anxiety, high blood pressure and improve mobility. Even if you simply want to relax after a long day or week, a hot tub can be the solution for you to meet those needs.

Whether you have a hot tub or are looking to purchase your first one, there’s one thing that is important to keep in mind: maintenance. Making sure you have the proper resources and tools to sustain the cleanliness of your hot tub is important. This is often done through treating your hot tub with chlorine to ensure that it is sanitized.

Many hot tub owners are unaware of how easy it can be for their hot tubs to build up with bacteria, especially due to their size. At Hot Tub Club, our dedicated team is available to assist you through a series of resources, products and general support. One product that we recommend hot tub owners to have is hot tub chlorine tablets. These are useful in sanitizing your hot tub and maintaining your hot tub’s water quality. It can also improve the overall experience and feeling of your hot tub, making all the difference.

What are hot tub chlorine tablets?

Out of the many products and chemicals that can be used to sanitize your hot tub, chlorine tablets make that task a lot simpler to do. Hot tub chlorinating tablets are tablets made of chlorine that dissolve when you place them into your hot tub water.

Depending on the size of your hot tub, the amount of chlorine tablets you need to use will differ. With anything, it is important to closely read the instructions of the tablets you are using to guide you along the way. You can even reach out to the team here at Hot Tub Club for additional support or help.

Chlorine tablets can work in a variety of different ways. For one, they sanitize your spa water, working to kill and prevent harmful bacteria from building up in your hot tub. This is crucial especially if your hot tub is frequently open to guests aside from yourself or family.

Depending on the brand, chlorine tablets can also work as an algaecide, which kills and prevents algae from growing in your hot tub. One of the products we sell, BioGuard SilkGuard Complete® 1” Chlorinating Tablets can be used for both.

Aside from sanitizing, chlorine tablets can make a huge difference in how the water in your hot tub feels. When using a powerful brand of hot tub chlorine tablets, the water itself can feel a lot smoother and softer, making it a lot more comfortable for yourself and your guests to be in.

With any chlorine product, it is important to continue monitoring your water chlorine levels and adjust accordingly based on those levels. All in all, chlorinating tablets are an easy, affordable and low maintenance way to ensure that you are keeping your hot tub clean. Chlorine tablets are also used to maintain pools.

Chlorine v.s. Bromine: What’s the Difference? Which should I use?

If you are a hot tub or pool owner, you may have come across another form of spa and pool sanitization called bromine at one point or another.

Just like chlorine comes in the form of tablets, you’ll also be able to find bromine in tablet form. If you are new to maintaining your spa or pool and come across the two, you may be curious as to what the difference is. For one, they can both be used to sanitize your hot tub, although chlorine is most likely the hot tub cleaner you’ve heard of more often.

The difference between chlorine and bromine heavily lies within how the two work to sanitize your hot tub. They both get the same job done, however, chlorine kills bacteria faster than bromine does.

At the same time, while chlorine may work faster, bromine can sustain killing bacteria for a longer period of time than chlorine does. Bromine also tends to thrive at higher temperatures more than chlorine can.

Regardless of which two forms of sanitization you decide to choose for your hot tub, it may be useful to have a general idea of how the two work. Both chlorine and bromine can both be useful in sustaining a clean hot tub that is free from bacteria and other harmful pathogens.

Whether you choose to use hot tub chlorine tablets or hot tub bromine tablets, It is crucial that you stay on top of your hot tub maintenance so that you can fully enjoy all that it has to offer.

How to Use Hot Tub Chlorine Tablets

Oftentimes, rather than coming across chlorine in the form of tablets, you’ll come across chlorine in the form of liquid. Depending on whether you use chlorine tablets or liquid, the pricing can differ due to factors such as the brand you are using or how much product there is.

Chlorine tablets are usually found at fairly reasonable prices and are simple to use because the tablets come in one size. That is one of the reasons why chlorine tablets can be a simple, low maintenance alternative to those who are new to owning a hot tub or those who don’t have plenty of time on their hands to devote to an in-depth upkeep routine.

If you’re new to using chlorine tablets you may be curious as to how they work and how to use them. Simply put, chlorine tablets dissolve once placed into your hot tub or pool water while releasing chlorine to kill the bacteria that is in there.

If you are new to using chlorine tablets, it may be tempting to apply the tablets directly to your hot tub, however, this can affect chlorine levels and potentially be detrimental to your health if not done correctly.

A floating chlorine dispenser is a handy tool that you can place the tablets into before putting the floater into your pool so that you don’t hinder your hot tub's chlorine levels.

Depending on the brand of chlorine tablet that you purchase, pay special attention to its label instructions. For instance, if you are interested in purchasing the BioGuard SilkGuard Complete® 1” Chlorinating Tablets from our online store, maintenance directions list that you use 16 oz. per 10,000 gallons of water (for a pool). The size of your hot tub may be able to help you determine the proper dosage you need.

Purchasing chlorine tablets from Hot Tub Club

If you are looking to purchase chlorine tablets for your hot tub, having one set place to go to can be convenient for you. There are plenty of places to find chlorine tablets online or in-store, but how can you ensure that you are getting them for the best price at the highest quality?

At our online store, Hot Tub Club, we have hot tub and pool supplies that have been carefully curated by those who have been in the industry or years. We carry a strong supply of chlorine products, chlorine tablets included, for our customers who are looking to maintain their hot tub at home.

Aside from just chlorine tablets, we offer sanitizing chemicals in other forms as well. We have chlorinating granules, water fresheners, pH increasers/decreasers, filter cleaners and so much more. Despite being called Hot Tub Club, customers with pools are very much included in who we cater to. Consider shopping through our products if you are looking for chlorine tablets that will make your hot tub and pool safer and more enjoyable to be in.

Something that we particularly keep in mind when dealing with hot tubs is their size. In comparison to pools, hot tubs are much smaller in size therefore the water quality is something that is important to monitor. Even though hot tubs and pools both need maintenance, they may not be treated in the same exact way.

The spa chlorine products that are listed on LeisureQuip are specifically aligned with that in mind. Our selection is very specific to the needs of hot tubs to keep them clean and comfortable so that you can make the most out of them. 

From our selection of chlorine tablets, consider purchasing the BioGuard Basic Chlorinating 3" Tablet, BioGuard SilkGuard Complete® 1" Chlorinating, BioGuard SilkGuard Complete® 3" Chlorinating or BioGuard SilkGuard Complete® Chlorinating.

Other Chlorine Products for Your Hot Tub

Chlorine tablets may not always be an available option, but you don’t have to look very far to find other chlorine products that will work just as well on our website. We have a whole range of hot tub chlorine chemicals at affordable prices from one of the top brands in the pool/spa industry, SpaGuard.

From chlorine, pH buffers, scale removers, chemical cleaners, shock-oxidizers and more, there are so many ways you’ll be able to prioritize maintaining your hot tub or pool at such affordable, reasonable prices. If for any reason chlorine tablets are not available, you can use the SpaGuard Chlorinating Concentrate available for purchase on our website.

The chlorinating concentrate acts as both a sanitizer and an oxidizer to keep your hot tub clean. One special feature about this product is that it can be added directly to your hot tub rather than having to use a floating chlorine dispenser like you would for the chlorine tablets.

If a product you are looking for happens to be unavailable, our selection ensures that there is always an alternative. Keeping your hot tub clean is important and we want to assist you with maintaining yours.

Offering Our Support at LeisureQuip

At LeisureQuip, we offer the best in class support for our customers. Despite having an online store, we know that it can be difficult to find answers to your questions without having someone physically present to help. Our team is always ready and available to take a call so that we can help you find the best product for your hot tub or pool.

We also offer free mail in water testing with any minimum purchase to make sure your hot tub and pool water levels are safe for you, your family and friends to be swimming in. Having safe and clean water in your hot tub or pool doesn’t have to be a difficult task and our mission is to help you without having to use too many unnecessary chemicals or cleaner.

Contact us at LeisureQuip Today

With every purchase, we have a dedicated technician who is available and ready to help you. Do you want to purchase chlorine tablets for your hot tub or pool? Feel free to reach out with any general inquiries and questions about your hot tub or our products by contacting our team at: 866-546-8882.

Until then, feel free to shop the products that are now available on our website. Each and every product on our site is completely trusted by all of us on the team as we know how important it is to have a safe and clean hot tub or pool.

Even with sanitization in mind, having too many chemicals in your hot tub or pool isn’t always a good thing. We’ll make sure you are sustaining safe water levels by supplying you with the products you need to do so. For first-time hot tub or pool owners, a lack of knowledge or experience is no problem. We’re here to help in any way that we can without any judgement.

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