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Swimming Pool Algae Treatment and Prevention

How to remove algae in swimming pool

How do I remove algae in my swimming pool?

This is a common question we get asked. Killing, removing, and preventing algae can be a challenge for pool owners. Luckily, algae is easy to treat if you have the right products and technique. Here is our easy-to-follow algae treatment and prevention guide to quickly and effectively remove the algae in your swimming pool water. These steps work for all types of algae: green algae, black algae, and yellow (or mustard) algae.

Recommended products for algae treatment

Algae fast fix treatment kit bundle

BioGuard Burnout 3
BioGuard Algae Complete
BioGuard Pool Juice 911


Why are these prodcuts effective at killing and preventing algae? Use BioGuard Burnout 3 (a granular chlorine shock) to super-chlorinate your pool water, add BioGuard Algae Complete (a dual-action algaecide and algae preventer) to help kill and prevent future algae, then add BioGuard Pool Juice 911 (a pool enzyme & clarifier) to help clean and clear up dead algae!

Algae treatment dosage

Use this chart to determine the correct dosage of each product for your size pool. 

How to kill algae in swimming pool - algaecide chemical dosage chart

Algae treatment steps

Step 1: Use pool brush to brush the sides, floor, and steps of swimming pool.

Step 2: Add BurnOut 3 Chlorine Shock according to dosage chart above. Circulate water for 1 hour.

Step 3: Add Algae Complete according to dosage chart above, concentrating application in areas with the heaviest algae growth. Circulate for 24 hours.

Step 4: Add Pool Juice 911 according to dosage chart above.

Step 5: Brush and vacuum any remaining algae.

Step 6: Clean all equipment to prevent algae regrowth.

Step 7: For persistent algae, repeat process after 2-4 days. To preventfuture algae growth, add a weekly maintenance dose of Algae Complete (3 oz/week for20,000 gallon pool)

Note: Do not swim until algae is cleared and sanitizer levels are at ideal range of 1-4 PPM.

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