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Pool Care Maintenance Log

Swimming pool care maintenance log Keep on top of your pool maintenance with our convenient pool maintenance log. Whether you are new to pool ownership, or just want to keep track of your pool care routine, this log chart will help you monitor the status of your pool, your chemical usage, and can be helpful in diagnosing issues with your pool or equipment.  

Printable pool log available here!

What information should you be logging?

As you go through each step of your routine pool maintenance, it's helpful to make note of things like the date, readings from your water test (such as ph, chlorine levels, total alkalinity, total hardness), noting any changes in water color/clarity, and to keep track of any important maintenance changes such as date you cleaned the filter or made repairs to your pool equipment. 

Why keep a pool maintenance log?

While this may seem like an extra step in an already long list of pool care tasks, there are many reasons why keeping a lot of your pool maintenance can be beneficial:

1. Keeping track of chemical usage
It may be helpful to note the dates you purchase your pool chemicals. This will help you keep track of how much you are using and can better anticipate when to repurchase. 

2. Troubleshooting issues 
If you are having persistent issues with your pool, keeping a log can be helpful in identifying the cause of the problems. If speaking with a pool technician, being able to provide them with data that includes your recent water chemistry and any steps you have already taken to remedy the solution will give them valuable information to help you diagnose and find a solution to your pool issues.

3. Keep track of equipment repairs or replacement
Keeping track of the dates and details when you have your pool equipment and components repaired or replaced can be beneficial for many reasons. It can help keep track of any manufacturer's warranties if any equipment is faulty. It can also help identify equipment that may be due for replacement or repair.

4. Keeping things organized if more than 1 person are caring for pool
If more than 1 person share in pool maintenance it can help ensure everyone is on the same page and it will be easy to see at a glance of the chart when the pool was last maintained. 

5. Logging can help create a regular maintenance schedule or pool care routine
Keeping a log can help establish a regular pool care schedule. Keep the log somewhere you will see it so you can easily tell at a glance when the pool was last tested and balanced. 

Click here for printable Pool Log

Swimming pool maintenance routine schedule log

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