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Pool Care Troubleshooting Guide


Swimming pool care troubleshooting guide

Troubleshooting is an important part of pool care & maintenance. Sometimes you may find the pool water to be cloudy or notice algae growth. Somedays the water may be discolored or you will notice staining on the pool walls. What if the alkalinity levels are too high? This handy chart will help guide you through the steps to remedy common pool water issues to help get your pool back to clean and safe levels in no time! 

Troubleshooting for common swimming pool water issues

How to treat swimming pool algae growth

Problem: Algae growth (black algae, green algae, yellow algae)

Solution: Brush pool, Add shock, Use BioGuard Algae Complete to kill and prevent all types of algae. BioGuard Spot Kill is specifically formulated to kill black algae on pool walls

Problem: Calcium levels too high or too low

Solution: Calcium Too low: use Balance Pak 300 to increase calcium level
Calcium Too high: use Scale Inhibitor to lower calcium level

Problem: Total Alkalinity too high

Solution: If your alkalinity levels are high, contact LeisureQuip at  866-546-8882 for instructions on properly lowering total alkalinity

Problem: Total Alkalinity too low

Solution: Add BioGuard Balance Pak 100 Total Alkalinity Increaser to raise the alkalinity levels

Swimming pool water test strips

Problem: pH level too high or too low

Solution: Too low: Add BioGuard Balance Pak 200 pH Increaser
Too high: Add BioGuard Lo ‘N Slo pH Decreaser

Cloudy hazy pool water

Problem: Cloudy pool water

Solution: Test and balance pool water, Check/clean filter, brush pool, run filter continuously until clear, add BioGuard Pool Juice 911, Natural Clarifier, or Polysheen Blue as needed

Problem: Water evaporation or heat loss

Solution: Physically cover pool when not in use, Add BioGuard Smart Shield pool water conserver

Problem: Excessive chlorine loss

Solution: Have water sample tested to determine extent of demand, Add Pool Juice 911 to help remove contaminants, Add Shock to correct sanitizer levels, Add Pool Juice Phosphate Remover weekly to reduce contaminants & prevent ongoing chlorine loss

Problem: Oil & scum

Solution: Use scum absorber in water to absorb scum and grime, add Enzymes, use BioGuard Off The Wall Surface Cleaner to clean the scum buildup on the waterline

Discoloration & staining from metals in pool water

Problem: Discolored water or staining on pool wall and surfaces

Solution: Use BioGuard Pool Magnet Plus to remove metals

Problem: Foaming water

Solution: Use Anti Foam to remove foam quickly, Use BioGuard Pool Juice 911 to remove contaminants that may cause foaming, Switch to non-foaming algicide such as BioGuard Algae Complete or BioGuard Banish

Problem: Scale

Solution: Add Scale Inhibitor to pool water, Brush and clean surface near waterline

Problem: Eye or skin irritation

Solution: Test water and make sure pH and sanitizer are in the correct range

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