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Why Every Hot Tub Owner Needs a Hot Tub Test Kit

A backyard hot tub is something that many people dream about purchasing for their home. Nothing is more relaxing than coming home after a long and stressful day at work, pulling on your swimsuit, and slipping into the warm and cozy waters of a hot tub.

Making the big decision of finally purchasing that dream hot tub is an exciting moment! You area adding a luxurious upgrade to your home that you and your whole family can enjoy whenever you want for years to come. Exciting as it is, a big purchase like a hot tub comes with the responsibility of maintenance and upkeep to make sure you and your family can remain safe and healthy while soaking. 

Upkeep with the spa water balance is the most important step to maintaining your hot tub. In order to know exactly which chemicals to put in the water, you will need to get yourself a hot tub test kit or test strips

When to Test Hot Tub Water

Testing hot tub water

It’s important to test your water regularly; at 3-4 times a week. Testing the water will let you know what's going on with your water and what chemicals you will need to add to it. 

How often you test your hot tub water also depends on the type of water you are using to fill up your hot tub. If you use well water, there may be higher levels of copper or iron but if you use city water, be careful of the amount of magnesium and calcium that may build up along the walls of the tub. If you are uncertain about whether or not the hot tub water is up to standards, you can simply test it to give you peace of mind. Always be mindful of how often you're using your tub, how the weather can affect the water, and how often you test the water.

What’s in a Hot Tub Test Kit?

This water testing kit provided on our online store has everything you need to accurately and safely test the waters of your pool or hot tub.

Spa hot tub water test kit

Tests: This kit provides you with multiple tests for multiple conditions you will need to check for in your hot tub. These test kits will help you determine the levels of the following:

  • Free Chlorine (active sanitizer)
  • pH level
  • Alkali Demand (increaser needed)
  • Acid Demand (decreaser needed)
  • Total Alkalinity

Water testing kits include:

  • Water Test Tube
  • 50 DPD Free Chlorine Test Tablets
  • 1 oz of #2 Reagent Phenol Red Indicator
  • 1 oz of #3 Reagent Acid Demand Titrant
  • 1 oz of #3b Reagent Chlorine Neutralizer
  • ½ oz of #5 Reagent Methyl Orange Indicator

A quality spa water test kit will provide everything necessary to distinguish between different types of chemicals to know which ones you either need or don’t need. For example, this kit offers a free chlorine test, which means it’s showing which chlorine is an active sanitizer versus a combined chlorine which is a spent sanitizer. 

The test kit we sell on our website really is the most dependable test kit you will be able to find.  It's the one we use and trust for our own pools and spas. It includes all the necessary equipment and testers to properly indicate what the treatment for your hot tub water needs to be. Hot tub water is extremely volatile and unpredictable if left unchecked, so it’s important to be prepared for whatever hot tub situation that may arise and know the correct course of action to correct and prevent issues.

Why a Water Testing kit is Important

Testing hot tub water with test kit

It’s crucial for the maintenance of your spa to purchase a hot tub test kit. This will ensure that you know what is in your water, which chemicals to use, and how to properly and safely maintain the hot tub water pH for a healthy and relaxing soak. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the water you soak in. By keeping a test kit handy, you can catch potential water chemistry problems before they can happen.

If you need any spa chemical refills such as bromine, chlorine, or other  maintenance products  or accessories for the upkeep of your hot tub, take a look around our website to see what we offer to help you make the most out of your backyard spa experience.

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