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Why Spa Frog Chemicals Are Essential For Maintaining Your Hot Tub

Despite what is apparent to the naked eye, there is actually quite a bit of activity going on in an ordinary hot tub, and if you don’t take the proper measures to regulate everything, you could be inviting in some unwelcome situations.

Spa Frog chemicals are an easy and efficient way to control the parameters of your hot tub so that you can continue to enjoy it without worrying about bacteria, mold, and other issues arising. As a hot tub owner, you need to make sure you are using the right chemicals to properly clean and regulate your tub, and the Spa Frog system is one of the easiest ways to do this.

If you are not yet familiar with Spa Frog, their system for helping to control the cleanliness and pH of your hot tub couldn’t be easier. Their starter system floater sits on the water and disperses bromine and minerals into your hot tub water over time, helping to keep everything under control without you having to do much of anything. Each cartridge lasts for months and then can easily be switched out for a new one, which makes the system a breeze to use.

Are you curious as to why this mineral water system is necessary in order to keep your tub clean and functioning properly? This guide will outline some of the key points in regards to keeping your hot tub clean and why regulating the pH is necessary in order to make sure it runs properly and stays usable.

What You Need to Keep Your Hot Tub Clean

While a seemingly inactive pool of sterile water may seem like an unlikely breeding ground for unwanted guests, the truth is that bacteria are everywhere and are looking for a place to gain a foothold, as are various molds. The warm water of a hot tub actually creates the perfect breeding ground for a wide assortment of unmentionable life forms that have no business being in your hot tub.

This is why pools and hot tubs require chemicals like chlorine and bromine to purposefully sterilize it, otherwise it would be far more difficult to control what grows in them. Regular application of such chemicals is necessary to maintain the right balance and block bacteria before it has a chance to multiply and create unsanitary conditions.

Whether you select chlorine or bromine is up to you, as they are both effective in their own way. However, the Spa Frog system utilizes bromine as an alternative to chlorine, which tends to work better in warm water and lasts longer as well. It also doesn’t have as strong a smell. The only downside is that bromine doesn’t work as fast as chlorine in most cases - however, the ongoing application of Spa Frog chemicals using their floater negates this point.

Controlling the pH of Your Hot Tub

Another important aspect of hot tub care to consider is controlling the pH balance, which is just as critical as sanitizing your tub, if not more so. Unless you properly maintain the pH balance of your hot tub, your sanitizing chemicals won’t work properly and over time, the actual integrity of the hot tub will be damaged due to the acidity or alkaline conditions of the water.

Too acidic, and the water will potentially corrode the metal parts that the hot tub requires in order to function. This can actually compromise the entire appliance and force you to have to get it repaired, which is obviously something you want to avoid if possible.

If the water is too alkaline, it can appear murky and the surface of the parts will begin to scale. There is potential for damage here too but it is more so ugly to look at and simply compromises your ability to fully enjoy the hot tub. A high alkaline pH also means that hot tub chemicals are much less likely to work as effectively, too, which is something you should take into account.

Spa Frog chemicals offer an easy solution to hot tub owners who simply want to maintain the proper balance of their hot tubs without becoming chemical engineers or pool experts. By using their easy chemical cartridge system, you can simply “set” the device and let it do its thing, which is exactly what you want out of a high-quality hot tub sanitization system.

If you want to invest in the Spa Frog Floating System for your hot tub, you can find it right here in our online hot tub store, along with all the replacement cartridges as well. If you are truly searching for a streamlined and “hands-off” solution to cleaning and maintaining your tub, you won’t find a better system than this. Take a look at our store and see for yourself why this system is so trusted and reliable.

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