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Frog @ease hot tub sanitizer floating dispenser system with SmartChlor and minerals
Frog @ease spa chlorine kit with Jump Start, test strips, and SmarChlor refill cartridges
Spa Frog @Ease floating chlorine dispenser with mineral sanitizer and replacement cartridge 3 pack
Scumbug scum and oil absorber for spa and hot tub
Hot tub maintenance tips and tricks e-book
Frog @ease mineral and chlorine SmartChlor floating spa sanitizer
Frog @ease hot tub chlorine cartridge replacement kit
Frog @ease test strips for pool and hot tub
Frog ease chemical floater for hot tubs and spas
Frog ease hot tub chlorine replacement floating cartridges

Hot Tub FROG @ease Floating Spa Chlorine Sanitizing System w/ Refills - 9 Piece Bundle

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Introducing the innovation of SmartChlor® Technology – the self-regulating hot tub chlorine dispenser that works together with FROG minerals in the easy-to-use @ease Spa Floating Sanitizing System. Enjoy the benefits of Fresh Mineral Water that’s cleaner, clearer, softer, and easier to maintain with the unique properties of SmartChlor Technology that uses up to 75% less chlorine than a typical chlorinated spa and greatly reduces hot tub maintenance like shocking.

Spa Frog @ease Floating SmartChlor Hot Tub Chlorine and Mineral Sanitizing System Startup kit

9 Piece Bundle Includes:

  • 1 Bottle (30Count) @ease test hot tub strips (More than 4 month supply)
  • 1 Package Jump Start Shock Oxidizer (Use to start up, 1 month supply)
  • 1 @ease blue spa mineral cartridge (This will last 4 months)
  • 4 x @ease SmartChlor Cartridge (4 month supply)
  • ScumBug scum absorber (Soaks up lotions, makeup, and all yucky things that make your spa dirty.)
  • Hot Tub Care E-book with tips and tricks for simplifying spa maintenance


EASIER - The @ease spa chlorine sanitizing system is hands down the easiest system you can use to maintain your hot tub water! Simply start with the packet of Jump Start Shock, twist lock the floater together and drop it in. Check on it every 3 - 4 weeks, and when the floater flips upside down you simply add another packet of Jump Start shock and replace the bottom grey SmartChlor cartridge. In 4 months you drain your water and start over again. Super EASY*!

SOFTER - The Blue @Ease mineral cartridge makes the water feel softer. Softer because minerals condition the water for softness so it's easier on you and your pool or hot tub with no faded suits or smelly odors.

SAFE - EPA Registered so you can be confident that it is safe for you, your family and friends!

HEALTHIER - Self Regulating SmartChlor is consistent and automatically maintains 0.5 - 1.0 ppm level of free chlorine, which is 75% less chlorine than ordinary systems!

    *As with all spa sanitizing systems you need to balance your water to make everything work properly and not be corrosive to your hot tub. Balancing chemicals are not included in this kit. This is referring to pH, Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness.

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