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Collection: BioGuard Pool Chemicals

We at LeisureQuip recommend using BioGuard Swimming Pool Chemicals, which provide an easy-to-use 3 step system designed to properly and safely sanitize and maintain your pool. Enjoy and maintain sparkling clean and clear water with the simple BioGuard 3-Step Pool Care Program which includes BioGuard Chlorine Tablets, Smart Shock, and Back-up Algae Inhibitor. BioGuard is a leader in the swimming pool and spa care industry. These are the same pool chemicals we trust and use in our own pools and hot tubs. Our line of BioGuard pool products includes all the chemicals you will need to keep your pool sanitized, balanced, and sparkling all season long including chlorine, bromine, shock, algaecide, phosphate remover, clarifier, pH increaser, pH decreaser, filter cleaners, and more.  
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