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Collection: Spa Frog @ease Chemicals

We highly recommend the Spa Frog @ease SmartChlor system for keeping your Hot Tub water, cleaner, safer, softer and feeling great!


 There are just two main parts of the system.

All you need to get started and try it out is one starter pack. Comes with Test Strips, startup non-chlorine shock and the Mineral/SmartChlor Floater. 

@ease starter kit

The mineral cartridge that comes with the starter kit lasts 4 months so it is a good idea to get a package of SmartChlor replacement cartridges as well. So that you have everything you need for the next 4 months.

@ease SmartChlor Cartridges 3 Pack

Spa Frog produces some of the best hot tub chemicals on the market. That’s why so many hot tub models are built to be compatible with Spa Frog’s in-line cartridge system. They have also produced the Spa Frog floating system. Their floating systems are designed to gradually dispense spa frog mineral and sanitizing chemicals in your hot tub, allowing you to use lower levels of bromine to sanitize. We are proud to offer a range of Spa Frog chemicals so you can enjoy the convenience of using them in your hot tub.

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