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LeisureQuip Hot Tub Sanitizing Systems

LeisureQuip provides everything you need to spend more time relaxing and enjoying your hot tub! Stop worrying let us help you today! We offer:

Automatic Delivery Option: Our customers are relieved that they will never run out of needed supplies again. Never again will you run out of shock the day before that big party and have to waste time with an emergency run to the pool store. Get just what you need, just before you need it. 

We send you a reminder before we send your automatic products and if you want to postpone that delivery you can just respond to the email.

Free Maintenance Reminders: Just by being a customer here at the Hot Tub Club we will send you free maintenance reminders (if you choose), for things like cleaning your filter, conditioning your hardcover, or draining your spa. You can feel confident you are taking good care of your spa without having to remember every little detail.

Free support: Most people don't buy a hot tub for a backyard chemistry experiment, but unfortunately all too often that is the way it ends up. Let our team of experts be your backup.

This service is available to all Hot Tub Club customers.

Low or No Chlorine Bromine System Options: We only use or recommend sanitizers that are EPA certified for the safety of yourself, family and friends. We have some amazing systems that are easy, clean and a pleasure to soak in.

Boy floating in clean and clear hot tub water

EASIEST - Hot Tub Sanitizer

@ease SmartChlor Logo

The @ease system by King Technologies, uses SmartChlor Technology, maintaining 75% less sanitizer. Don't worry anymore about the health risks of soaking in that stinky chlorine or bromine water while you are trying to relax. @ease is autodosing and self-regulating which means that it won't overdose and you don't have to worry. Simply follow the instructions to start your spa up and then check it and change a couple things monthly. That's it!


GREAT VALUE Hot Tub Sanitizer

Spa Frog - Great Value Hot Tub Sanitizer Logo

The Spa Frog system is autodosing which means that you don't have to have to continually be messing with it. Just set the slider on the Yellow Spa Frog Cartridge and then test weekly with the Spa Frog Test Strips. PreFilled Cartridges for no mess, no guess and no stress Hot Tub water care.

SENSITIVE SKIN Hot Tub Sanitizer

Hot Tub Sanitizer for Sensitive Skin - BaquaSpa Logo

BaquaSpa is one of the only EPA Approved safe and effective sanitizers that is 100% Chlorine and Bromine Free. That means that there is no smell, no faded suits and no itchy rash that can sometimes happen with out of balance chlorine and bromine systems. BaquaSpa is a 3 part system, consisting fo liquid chemicals that you add weekly. By using BaquaSpa you can soak with confidence that your friends and family are soaking in a safe, clean, soft and sensitive environment that is healthy for everyone.