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BioGuard 1200V Multi-Test Kit

BioGuard 1200V Multi-Test Kit

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BioGuard 1200V Multi-Test Kit is a great DIY kit that allows you to test the most important aspects of your water's chemistry in a more accurate and easy to read way than test strips. This Test Kit can even tell you exactly how much pH increaser or decreaser is needed to correct an imbalance, no guess and check with your pool water is necessary.


  • Free Chlorine
  • pH
  • Alkali Demand (increaser needed)
  • Acid Demand (decreaser needed)
  • Total Alkalinity

Contents of kit:

  • Test Tube
  • 50 DPD #1 Free Chlorine Test Tablets
  • 1 oz #2 Reagent Phenol Red Indicator
  • 1 oz #3 Reagent Acid Demand Titrant
  • 1 oz #3B Reagent Alkali Demand Titrant
  • 1/2 oz #4 Reagent Chlorine Neutralizer
  • 1/2 oz #5 Reagent Methyl Orange Indicator