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Mineral Springs renewal weekly mineral maintenance for saltwater pools

BioGuard Mineral Springs Renewal

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BioGuard Mineral Springs Renewal is the second product in BioGuard's Mineral Springs system designed to make salt-chlorine pools easy, effective and enjoyable.

  • Replenishes minerals
  • Contains SilkGuard technology
    • Prevents scale formation
    • Maintains soft, gentle, sparkling water
  • Helps maintain water balance
  • Maintains problem-free water, established from Beginnings
  • High purity salt, balancer, and clarifier all in one

BioGuard Mineral Springs Renewal is the second step to enjoying crystal clear and soft water on the BioGuard Mineral Springs system. Renewal repleneshes SilkGuard technology and lost saline levels from rain, splash out, and refills. This system is designed to provide the softest and most enjoyable water possible with the least maintenance. Patented SilkGuard technology helps to prevent scale buildup common in salt systems and makes the water softer and silky to the touch while SunShield keeps the chlorine in the water longer reducing the workload of your salt-chlorine generator.


Always follow label instructions, dosages are provided here to inform your purchase decisions. These dosages are not meant as a replacement for label instructions.

1 pound (1/4 bag) per 5,000 gallons weekly.

apply after heavy rains(several inches in a day) or after large refills(based upon how much was refilled)