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BioGuard Natural Swimming Pool Clarifier

BioGuard Natural Swimming Pool Clarifier

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BioGuard Natural Clarifier is a natural solution to cloudy swimming pool water made from the shells of crustaceans.

  • Keeps pool water clear and sparkling
  • Natural Chitosan clarifier
  • Cannot overdose
  • Concentrated formula
  • Works with all pool surfaces and treatments
  • Biodegradable and contains no dye or fragrance

BioGuard Natural Clarifier is designed for once a week use to maintain crystal clear water or even on an as needed basis for treatment of cloudy water. The all natural, biodegradable ingredients cannot cause an overdose and will not stain your filter. This product works by taking the fine particulate suspended in the water that is hard for your filter to catch because of how small they are and clumping them together making them much easier to filter out of your water.


Always follow label instructions, dosages are provided here to inform your purchase decisions. These dosages are not meant as a replacement for label instructions.

Maintenance dose: 2 oz per 10,000 gallons of water per week

Cloudy water: 2 oz per 10,000 gallons of water, doubled if you can barely see the bottom, tripled if you can't.