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BioGuard Off The Wall® Pool & Hot Tub Surface Cleaner

BioGuard Off The Wall® Pool & Hot Tub Surface Cleaner

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BioGuard Off The Wall® is designed to remove tough scale and grease deposits from any swimming pool or hot tub surface without interfering with the chemical balance in your system. New Stronger and Thicker formula.

  • pH <1.0
  • Removes tough grime and scale from pool and hot tub walls
  • Non-abrasive
  • Suitable for use on all pool and hot tub surfaces
  • Compatible with all sanitation systems

BioGuard Off The Wall® is safe for all surfaces and will not harm vinyl, acrylic or even painted surfaces. This product is designed to penetrate into the surface and lift off scale, dirt or even fresh stains completely so they do not return. The thick cleansing gel is designed to stick to the pool and spa walls and surfaces making it easier to clean and will not affect pool or hot tub water chemistry.


Always follow label instructions, dosages are provided here to inform your purchase decisions. These dosages are not meant as a replacement for label instructions.

Spot clean as needed.