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Bioguard Stow Away swimming pool cover cleaner and deodorizer

BioGuard Stow-Away®Cover Cleaner and Storage Solution

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BioGuard Stow-Away® Swimming Pool Cover Cleaner is designed to allow the storage of swimming pool covers and other poolside items without waiting for them to dry.

  • pH~7.0
  • Eliminates odors on swimming pool covers
  • Prevents covers from sticking together when stored
  • Extends the life of most pool covers
  • Allows covers to be stored wet
  • May be used to clean and store other pool-side items


BioGuard Stow-Away® Pool Cover Cleaner is used to clean your cover after use and safely store it without waiting for it to dry. This product will protect the cover from mildew even when stored wet and helps to remove any stubborn dirt or debris extending the life of the cover. This product can also be used on umbrellas, inflatables, and other poolside and patio items to clean and store with peace of mind.


Pool Cover Cleaner Dosage & Useage Recommendations:

Always follow label instructions, dosages are provided here to inform your purchase decisions. These dosages are not meant as a replacement for label instructions.

Spray Stow-Away pool cover cleaner on cover and brush to clean.

Apply full strength between each fold as cover is being folded for storage.

Owners of large pools or those with many other poolside items to store using this product may need a second bottle.